Admission Criteria & Process

TAS currently operates primary and middle schools, while providing guidance services for higher-level students. We aim to transform lives and train servant leaders through high-quality education in a loving environment. We provide a comprehensive bilingual education for Chinese families who want a combination of Chinese and Western cultures with a focus on character growth.

1.Students with Shanghai Hukou

a) With Pudong HuKou

b) Without Pudong HuKou:

Students must have a Separation of Registered and Actual residences; the actual residence should be located in Pudong.

2.Students with Non-Shanghai Hukou:

Students must hold Shanghai Resident Permit/Registration Certificate of Residence, located in Pudong and at least one parent must meet the one of the following conditions:

a) Holds valid Shanghai Resident Permit and proof of at least 6 months social insurance payment

b) Holds valid Shanghai Resident Permit and proof of consecutive 3-year flexible employment registration

3.Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan/International student

G1&G6 Admissions


Admission Process (only for G1 and G6)

G1&G6 applicants need to apply via “Enrollment System for Compulsory Education in Shanghai” and choose TAS.


Random Enrollment


Admission Notice


Pre-school Preparation

TAS will release the introductory guide, and students can begin to get registered.

Transfer Application

There are also transfer opportunities in other grades. Please do not hesitate to enquire with our admissions team if you are interested.Tel:021 58178770