Primary School Curriculum


Based on the core subjects of Primary school set by the Ministry of Education and combined with the teaching content of the American elementary level, our Chinese and foreign teams jointly designed the curriculum system and constructed the TAS academic framework for the Primary school. At the same time, TAS insists on holistic teaching methods. We prioritize each student’s physical and emotional well-being. The most fundamental thing is the growth of the child's character.

We use the Character First curriculum system. Each month there is a special character theme, such as responsibility, diligence, determination, etc. The children develop a deeper understanding of character traits by learning the characteristics of a various plants and animals.

Every week, our Chinese and foreign teachers teach a focused character education class using engaging explanations and learning activities, to help children practice the character trait of the month. Week after week, month after month, year after year, TAS children learn how to demonstrate good character. As they grow into service leaders, their lives will bless more lives.