What kind of school is TAS?

A:Transformation Academy of Shanghai (TAS) aims to transform lives and train servant leaders through high quality education in a loving environment. We provide a comprehensive bilingual education for Chinese families who want a combination of Chinese and Western cultures with a focus on character growth.

TAS not only strives to improve the academic ability of students, but also pays attention to the growth and character development of students. We are committed to cultivating knowledge, character, and talent in future leaders of China, and we strive to promote the growth of Chinese family relations and enhance the harmonious function of families and communities.

What are the mission and vision of TAS?

A:TAS has always been committed to providing more than just an academic education. What we provide for our students is an integrated community connecting ‘school, family and society.’ 

Our conviction is One Team, One Mission. In the ecosystem that we intentionally create at TAS, students learn in peaceful and structured surroundings. In such a loving environment, they move through the appropriate developmental stages with greater stability.

In a loving environment, we work together with every TAS family in order to impact their lives and positively influence the holistic growth and development of the children -

we prepare students to interact with others in a respectful and loving way and to become the servant leaders of the future.

Where is TAS located? What are the directions to the location?

A: TAS is located at No. 2398 Tanglu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai. The campus covers an area of 26,790 square meters. To the north of the campus is the Longdong Elevated Road, and to the south is the river and the Green Cultural Park.

Public transportation: 1) Metro: Line 2 to Tangzhen; 2) Bus: No. 182, No. 17, Shangchuan Zhuan line to Tanglu Road Longdong Avenue Station.

Driving route: Longdong Elevated Road near Tanglu Road (it only takes 10 minutes from Pudong Inner Ring to TAS)

What are the entry requirements?

A:Our admission requirements are as followings:

1.Students with Shanghai Hukou

a) With Pudong HuKou

b) Without Pudong HuKou:

Students must have a Separation of Registered and Actual residences; the actual residence should be located in Pudong.

2.Students with Non-Shanghai Hukou:

Students must hold Shanghai Resident Permit/Registration Certificate of Residence, located in Pudong and at least one parent must meet the one of the following conditions:

a) Holds valid Shanghai Resident Permit and proof of at least 6 months social insurance payment

b) Holds valid Shanghai Resident Permit and proof of consecutive 3-year flexible employment registration

3.Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan/International students

What are the school hours for students?

A: Students start their first class period at 8:20am. Students are dismissed at 3:20pm. TAS provides a variety of after-school services for students to attend.

My child’s English level is relatively low, is it suitable for us to apply for TAS?

A: TAS adheres to the principle – “Meet students where they are,” which means that we strive to differentiate instruction according to individual student needs. In order to support students with rather weak English, ELL courses are offered to help them adapt and learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Does TAS provide boarding or school bus service?

A:TAS currently does not provide boarding for students.

TAS does provide school bus service. We have a professional school bus team with experienced drivers and bus monitors. Currently our bus routes cover most areas of Pudong New District, and some areas of Minhang District.