Battle of the Books

In this competition, students read designated English books within a specified period of time and participate in group competitions to demonstrate their knowledge of the books they read. To encourage our students to read and improve the quality of their reading, TAS regularly organizes in-school English reading competitions and participates in competitions among various schools in Shanghai.

Spelling Bee of China

Spelling Bee of China is currently the largest and most influential overseas English competition in China. Last year, Transformation Education Group (TEG) sent two teams to participate in the national competition. Both teams achieved good results placing fourth and seventh in the country. The national fourth place was the best result for a new participating team in the four-year history of the tournament.

The event not only provides top competition resources from the United States, but also helps Chinese students improve their English ability and personal core literacy and provides our children with an education platform for international English competition training. Now, our school plans to try to launch an internal spelling competition with the help and support of the competition organizing committee, and strive to encourage more children to participate, enrich students' English learning, and improve students' comprehensive ability


STEM is an acronym for the English names of four disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Most of the problems that occur in life require the application of knowledge from multiple disciplines to jointly solve them. During STEM week, students will think about and solve real-world problems through interdisciplinary study and discussion applying their knowledge in activities designed by TAS teachers.

Vocabulary Parade

Vocabulary parade is one of the traditional activities of TAS every year. By creating their own well-designed costumes, students will have the opportunity to show the meaning of a certain word to other students. Different from the normal vocabulary teaching, this method can help children understand words in a vivid and interesting way and supports English learning outside the classroom.

ASMA Competition

Hosted annually by the American Scholastic Mathematics Association, the ASMA Competition targets students with relatively good math skills and aims to further improve their math skills by challenging them with multi-step English word problems which require students to apply their analytical and mathematical skills to solve.

Every year, TAS organizes students to participate in such international academic events. While testing students' bilingual math knowledge, we expect them to develop mathematical thinking based on an international perspective that develops the ability to collaborate with each other in preparation for their next academic stage.