The Future Awaits - 2021 TAS Primary School Graduation

Date: 2021-06-18

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On June 18, the 5th Grade graduation ceremony was held at TAS.

With the blessing of the principals and teachers, the children put on their graduation gowns and ushered in this important moment that belongs to them.

In September 2016, these children, who were still new to school, stepped onto the TAS campus for the very first time. Since then, the children have been studying at TAS for five years. They laughed together, made mistakes together, and grew up together… 

Day by day, year by year, the lives of the children were constantly being transformed and broadened.

Recalling their naïve appearance years ago, it brings back a lot of beautiful memories.

Principal Johnathan Lockman's Speech

Moving into 6th Grade comes with more independence, bigger challenges, and new problems to solve.

More independence - You get more independence as you get older. Teachers will expect you to work more on your own and take on more work. Your parents might give you more freedom (if you ask them nicely). Independence is one thing that we all want you to learn as you grow up. Because your teachers and parents aren't going to be with you forever. We want you to be able to go out into that world and be independent servant leaders.

Bigger challenges - As you move up to the 6th Grade, the challenges get bigger.

Your class work is going to get harder, your expectations from your teachers and your parents are going to be higher. But I can say that I am very confident you are able to handle those bigger challenges.

New problems - You will have new problems to face. It might be something like "How do I fit in with these new people that I just met?" "How do I get along with these people in my class when we don't always see eye to eye?" You might start thinking, "What interests do I have that I want to develop, maybe in to a career?"

But no matter what that problem is, I hope you can look back at your time here at TAS and say, "My friends, my teachers, they help me to figure out how to solve this problem."

No matter where you go, no matter where you end up in this life, I hope you can remember your time at TAS fondly. We are proud of all the things that you have accomplished here. Your parents are proud of the things that you have learned here. We hope that you can take those things that you have gained in your heart, your soul, and your mind and you can take them out to the world to be servant leaders.

Principal Andy Wang's Speech

In these five years, the students have been growing up and TAS has also been developing.

Though our kids and our school are not perfect, we have been working hard along the way. I would like to thank all the parents and teachers for their joint efforts and for their tolerance and encouragement to the school.

Thank you everyone!

On the grass of our old campus, the students left a lot of laughter; On this new campus, the students also left many sweet moments — especially the wonderful moments when the students and teachers hugged each other and congratulated each other by high-five.

The students will also face many changes in their lives after graduation.

I hope you know that only change is constant, and only transformation is eternal!

Education needs to be “transformed.” Each of our lives also needs to be constantly transformed.

I hope you can make the future better, transform your families, our country, and transform the future!

Blessings to all of you!

Five years can be long, but can seem short, also.

Our dear fifth-grade families, thank you for your trust from the beginning to the present. We have accompanied our children through the past five years, watching them grow from little kids to adolescents.

Thank you and bless you!

We believe that students who graduate from TAS will take the initiative to assume their mission as servant leaders, no matter where they go in the world and in the future.

They will walk into this world and impact the lives of others.

More blessings will be multiplied from TAS to impact every immortal life in this world worthy of being loved and respected.