TASha Trip at TAS

Date: 2020-12-31

We had a foreign exchange student who was visiting TAS this December!

During the month, our teachers and students actively hosted TASha during her trip. She has experienced such an abundant study life here! She read in English class, did science experienments, painted in art class, helped with our flea market and waved a goodbye to our kids...

The arrival of TASha encourages the interaction between our national and foreign teachers and builds up a closer relationship within the TAS team. As the company of TAS students this month, TASha also had a wonderful time here ❤️

Who is the best TASha host in your mind? Let us take a look!

TASha eating her noodles

TASha reading her book

TASha meeting sharks

TASha painting a winter scene

TASha supervising waste 

TASha in hot air balloon with her friend

TASha having a fun time at the office...

TASha with roses 

TASha saying goodbye to kids afterschool

TASha doing a science experiment