Answering The Call from Heart

Date: 2021-09-10

"I definitely feel the pure love here among students and teachers which is so critical in education. Though I may get a bit more money in other places, I feel like it’s trying to survive in another country, not answering the call from my heart.” 

A foreign teacher from TAS said so.

截屏2021-11-23 上午9.57.25.pngTransformation Education Group CEO Lily Li & TAS Primary School Principal Johnathan Lockman




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Once again we are standing at the beginning of the new semester, busy with everything like a year before. However, we can still find hope growing everywhere. Some dear students come to school with their siblings joining TAS; an increasing number of friends are trying to know more about TAS from us; more teachers are willing to devote their teaching career to TAS… 

Distinguished from many big-brand schools under powerful educational organizations, TAS has been confronting countless obstacles while witnessing amazing graces during the growth. It is the purity that has won us higher renown and we’ve earned the society’s satisfaction and parents’ trust by this purity, which can be interpreted as “for the best of students”.

And thankfully, the purity has been being conducted and spread out by what you do every day.

On this Teachers’ Day, Lily Li, CEO of Transformation Education Group and Johnathan Lockman, Principal of Primary School offered flowers and thank-you letters to our teachers to say: thank you so much for being a member of Transformation Academy of Shanghai.

"My child has officially become a primary school student at TAS, and he will share his new school, new teachers, and new classmates with me every day when he comes home from school. There is always a happy smile on his little face. He always says that he likes his primary school life very much. He came home from school a few days ago and he cheerfully told me that he said good morning to the teacher in English on that day. 

Seeing my kid adapting to primary student life day by day, my anxiety has gradually diminished. I believe that in the time to come, my kid will become more outstanding with the help of school teachers."

——From A New G1 Parent of TAS

Our society and education policies are changing constantly, how should we respond in such a situation?

We hold firmly to our steady anchor and walk into deep waters. We hold firmly to our mission since the very beginning and choose to do our best where we can actually do well. We believe that some day it will rise like a grain of yeast. If a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it bears much fruit.

The power of transforming lives will be manifest in the course of time, though we may not be able to see the fruits of education right now.

Happy Teacher's Day!

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